Feurich Welte-Mignon upright (T100 “Red”). SOLD.

Feurich Red Welte upright, 1923. A large handsome piano, 150cm tall, which has the tone and volume of a 180cm grand piano. The first owner was a Shipping magnate in the North of England. The Welte action was restored some years ago, and the piano action overhauled at that time. This piano is very unusual, in that it has levers to manually operate the expression system if required – in a similar way to Duo-Art and Ampico instruments – and the expression regulators are next to the spoolbox.  It plays quite well, but would benefit from a little further work and adjustment, which is reflected in the price: £3,500 to include some music rolls.  Please note that, in the following pictures, the cover panels have been removed from the expression regulators (to the left of the spool-box) and the pump, these have since been replaced.