Marshall & Rose upright Angelus Player, restored. Price Reduced. SOLD.

An upright Marshall & Rose model 17 (85-note-piano) fitted with the Angelus player action, circa 1914. This instrument has been restored, including re-stringing, piano action overhaul, all bellows re-covered etc, and is in a very attractive rosewood case. Manual roll-tracking. Excellent ivory keys. The player action is the conventional type of pneumatic stack, not the pouch-type. It is fitted with the Angelus self-closing treadles, operated by residual vacuum in the system after re-roll – not even Steinways were fitted with that! The Marshall & Rose was a high-quality piano, the best that was produced in England in the early years of the 20th Century.  Price reduced to £2,000 including stool and rolls. Highly-recommended.