Steinway model B Duo-Art 7’6″ Grand. Restoration Project, one of only 12 made. SOLD.

Steinway model B Duo-Art pedal/electric grand (7’6″ / 228cm), mahogany, 1928. This piano is a restoration project. It had all of its Duo-Art Pianola action removed in the 1960’s, and was then used as a piano until I purchased it. Only 12 model B pianos were made, of which I know of 8. These were made at Steinway’s Hamburg Factory, and sent to The Aeolian Company in London to have the Duo-Art action fitted at their Hayes Factory. The model B is the largest Duo-Art grand offered in Europe by Aeolian. I have all necessary original Duo-Art components here to reconstruct the Pianola action, with the exception of the stack. However, I have a complete Steinway model B Duo-Art, and the stack in that piano will be used as a template to have another stack made, utilising valves and other parts from an ‘orphan’ stack removed from another Duo-Art grand (this procedure is not new, and has been successfully done several times in recent years). The piano itself needs complete restoration (re-polishing, re-stringing, piano action rebuilding) but it is structurally-sound. This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a large Duo-Art grand piano, examples of which very seldom become available. Please contact me to discuss it further. Pictures available on request.

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