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Steinway model ‘O’ Duo-Art Grand Pianola Piano. SOLD

Steinway model O, pedal/electric Duo-Art. This instrument was made at Steinway’s factory in Hamburg in 1925, then shipped to the Aeolian Company’s factory in Hayes, England where the Pianola action was fitted. It has been re-polished and re-strung, and the Pianola action has been fully restored. The piano action has been restored using genuine Steinway hammers, dampers, and other parts. Very few of these Steinway Duo-Art grands were produced and sold in Europe, mainly due to the high retail price of over £1000, which was a sum beyond the reach of most people. The pedal/electric Duo-Art was very much an English concept – the American factory produced mostly electrically-pumped ones. This  model combines the foot-pumped Pianola with a full electrically-pumped Duo-Art reproducing system and a very high-quality piano to play by hand. Price and further details upon request.