Weber Duo-Art upright.

Weber model 50 Duo-Art upright, electric-only (with the large 6-exhauster “steamboat” pump), 1921. The casework is in very good condition (“Bright Mahogany Finish”, to quote the Manufacturers). The ivory keys are also very good but have yellowed, these can be improved. The piano action was overhauled some years ago. The Pianola action was also overhauled, and re-tubed in red rubber. This needs to be replaced, and the Pianola action should be overhauled. The instrument plays Duo-Art rolls, and with some work as mentioned above it should play well. The Weber 50 was a high-quality instrument – very expensive and second only in price to the Steinway K upright. The price is £1,250, which leaves scope for the improvements to be budgeted for, and we can undertake the work if required.