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Weber model 12 electric Duo-Art grand in Sheraton-style case. RESERVED.

A very handsome 6′ (183cm) Weber electric Duo-Art grand in a special Sheraton-style figured mahogany case with inlaid banding. This very special instrument was made at the Aeolian Co factory in Hayes, England, in 1928. The casework was very likely a special order for a customer. It is an electrically-pumped Duo-Art, but it could be converted to a pedal/electric if required – we have the necessary parts (pedal-box, etc) here and our local cabinet-maker has indicated that he would re-veneer and inlay a pedal-box to match the piano. I restored the Pianola action about thirty years ago, and we are proposing to restore it again where necessary and to renew all the tubing and trunking. We also propose to re-string the piano, and to restore the piano action and fit new hammers etc.  Please contact us to discuss this instrument.