WEBER pedal/electric Duo-Art upright, Restored.

Weber model 50 upright pedal/electric Duo-Art, 1926. This instrument has been re-strung, the piano action has been re-built (including new hammers, dampers, tie-tapes, action springs, check leather and check felt), player action fully re-built (including re-covering of all bellows and pneumatics, renewal of all tubing, etc), replacement vacuum pump fitted. Excellent ivory keys. The case… Continue reading WEBER pedal/electric Duo-Art upright, Restored.

Marshall & Wendell Ampico upright.

Marshall & Wendell upright Ampico reproducing piano, circa 1925. In good condition, but not used for a few years so it will be fully overhauled, regulated and tuned before sale. Dark mahogany case. Ampico rolls included. Further details and pictures to follow.

Bluthner Solophonola upright, 1925.

Blüthner Solophonola upright, made in 1925. A high-quality instrument with the Hupfeld player action. Rosewood case, which has faded in places. Good ivory keys. The player action could benefit from an overhaul and the re-covering of some of the bellows. We would undertake this if required, or it can be used in its present condition… Continue reading Bluthner Solophonola upright, 1925.