Aeolian upright Model 3

One of the compact models, made in 1928. In good condition throughout. Re-strung a few years ago. Pianola action also rebuilt where necessary, piano action overhauled. Very easy to pedal. Pictures to follow. £1,500

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Aeolian model 2 upright, fully rebuilt. Aeolian Pianola upright, one of the small ones, in good working order, overhauled and ready to enjoy. Weber model 50 upright Pianola circa 1920. Restored, excellent condition. Weber model 50 Pedal/Electric Duo-Art upright, late model. Please contact us for further details.

Aeolian upright Pianola, overhauled, case re-finished.

Aeolian upright Pianola, Model 3, one of the smaller models made in 1929. The case has been re-finished. The “Stack” pneumatics that play each note have been re-covered, and the rest of the Pianola action has been overhauled and repaired where necessary. It has been re-tubed throughout. The piano action has been overhauled. £1,500 including… Continue reading Aeolian upright Pianola, overhauled, case re-finished.

Weber upright Pianola, Fully Restored. RESERVED.

Weber model 50 upright Pianola, circa 1920. This instrument was fully restored a few years ago, including: iron frame re-finished, new strings and tuning pins, piano action rebuilt with new hammers and dampers etc, Pianola action restored and re-tubed, case (mahogany) re-polished in satin-finish. It plays very well indeed, both as a Pianola and as… Continue reading Weber upright Pianola, Fully Restored. RESERVED.

Feurich Welte-Mignon upright (T100 “Red”). Reserved.

Feurich Red Welte upright, 1923. A large handsome piano, 150cm tall, which has the tone and volume of a 180cm grand piano. The first owner was a Shipping magnate in the North of England. The Welte action was restored some years ago, and the piano action overhauled at that time. This piano is very unusual,… Continue reading Feurich Welte-Mignon upright (T100 “Red”). Reserved.

Cabinet for music rolls

A mahogany cabinet for music rolls, 1920’s. Cabriole legs. 107cm high, 53cm wide (across top), 42cm deep (across top). 8 shelves. Will hold 50 – 60 rolls, depending on size. Very good original condition. £200