Pianola / Orchestrelle Stool.

An attractive sloping stool/bench, probably Edwardian. Seat is 58cm high at the front edge, rising to 62cm at the back edge. The side panels have incised leaf and branch patterns, and the top of each side panel is a carved scroll (appropriately!). £85.

AEOLIAN Model 2 upright, restored.

Aeolian Model 2 upright Pianola, 1925, restored about 15 years ago. This included: piano was re-strung, piano action rebuilt, Pianola action rebuilt, case re-finished, keys re-covered. This is one of the rarer 88-note keyboard Aeolians, very similar internally to the more expensive Webers from the same factory. It plays extremely well as a Pianola, and… Continue reading AEOLIAN Model 2 upright, restored.

STECK 5’6″/168cm Electric Duo-Art Grand

Steck model 2H electric Duo-Art grand, 5’6″/168cm, 1926, mahogany. A very presentable instrument that has had a lot of work done in recent years, including a new set of bass strings. It plays well, has been regularly tuned and maintained, and comes with about 50 Duo-Art rolls. £2,000. Situated in South London.

WEBER upright 88-note Pianola, restored.

WEBER upright 88-note Themodist/Metrostyle Pianola, 1913. This instrument has been rebuilt in recent years, it has been re-strung, the piano action has been rebuilt, as has the Pianola action. The only thing that has not been done is the casework, and it might benefit from being re-polished though it is acceptable as it is (Dark… Continue reading WEBER upright 88-note Pianola, restored.

Steinway model B Duo-Art 7’6″ Grand. Restoration Project, one of only 12 made. SOLD.

Steinway model B Duo-Art pedal/electric grand (7’6″ / 228cm), mahogany, 1928. This piano is a restoration project. It had all of its Duo-Art Pianola action removed in the 1960’s, and was then used as a piano until I purchased it. Only 12 model B pianos were made, of which I know of 8. These were… Continue reading Steinway model B Duo-Art 7’6″ Grand. Restoration Project, one of only 12 made. SOLD.

Aeolian upright Model 3

One of the compact models, made in 1928. In good condition throughout. Re-strung a few years ago. Pianola action also rebuilt where necessary, piano action overhauled. Very easy to pedal. Pictures to follow. £1,500

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Weber model 50 upright Pianola circa 1920. Restored, excellent condition. Weber model 50 Pedal/Electric Duo-Art upright, late model. Please contact us for further details.