Aeolian 65-note Push-up.

An early Aeolian 65-note push-up Pianola, restored by the present owner and in good working order. It comes with a large collection of rolls. Situated in Cambridgeshire. No reasonable offer refused.

Steinway Duo-Art Upright

Steinway Duo-Art upright pedal/electric model K. A very late piano in a mahogany case. It has been maintained and repaired throughout its life, and is in very good condition throughout. Perfect ivory keyboard. It has the more desirable 4-exhauster pump with original electric motor. Further details, pictures and price upon request.

Weber upright pedal-only Duo-Art, 1922, Restored.

Weber model 60 upright, pedal-only Duo-Art, 1922. Mahogany case, bright polished, in very good original condition. Very good ivory keys. The piano action was restored to a high standard a few years ago. The Pianola action has been restored and re-tubed. The strings are original, and very good. Plays very well. A high-quality instrument in… Continue reading Weber upright pedal-only Duo-Art, 1922, Restored.

Ampico upright, Marshall & Wendell, 1925.

Ampico upright, Marshall & Wendell, 1925. Re-strung and the piano action rebuilt some years ago. Casework in good condition. Ampico action has been overhauled and rebuilt as necessary since it arrived at our Workshop. Plays very well. £2750 including rolls and cabinet.

Weber Duo-Art upright.

Weber model 50 Duo-Art upright, electric-only (with the large 6-exhauster “steamboat” pump), 1921. The casework is in very good condition (“Bright Mahogany Finish”, to quote the Manufacturers). The ivory keys are also very good but have yellowed, these can be improved. The piano action was overhauled some years ago. The Pianola action was also overhauled,… Continue reading Weber Duo-Art upright.

Steinway upright 88/65-note Pianola

Steinway model K upright Pianola, dual-scale 88/65-note, circa 1911. Rosewood case in good condition, apart from one round stain/blemish on fixed part of the top. The piano and Pianola actions were overhauled some years ago, and automatic roll-tracking was fitted at the time. In good playing order, complete with a collection of rolls, many of… Continue reading Steinway upright 88/65-note Pianola

Ampico Baby Grand, Hopkinson, Restored.

Hopkinson 5′ / 153cm Baby Grand Ampico A Reproducing Piano, 1928. Mahogany. This piano was restored about 30 years ago, including re-stringing, re-polishing, re-building of piano and player actions. It plays very well, and has recently been fully overhauled. It was once the property of the late Frank Holland (Founder of the Musical Museum, London,… Continue reading Ampico Baby Grand, Hopkinson, Restored.

AEOLIAN Model 2 upright, restored.

Aeolian Model 2 upright Pianola, 1925, restored about 15 years ago. This included: piano was re-strung, piano action rebuilt, Pianola action rebuilt, case re-finished, keys re-covered. This is one of the rarer 88-note keyboard Aeolians, very similar internally to the more expensive Webers from the same factory. It plays extremely well as a Pianola, and… Continue reading AEOLIAN Model 2 upright, restored.