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Restoration Materials

If you are in doubt about your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have over thirty years of experience which we are happy to share with you.

Please Note: All prices are subject to change without notice due to Manufacturer’s price increases.

Silicone Rubber Tubing

CodeInternal DiameterColourPrices
 mm.Ins.Per 20mPer metrePer 305mm.(ft)
T13.41/8(looks similar to the original grey tubing)£19.75£0.99£0.34
T12291 1/8Brown£20.50£6.25
T13321 1/4Brown£22.50£6.86
T14381 1/2Brown£25.50£7.78
T15A (New Size)
For Ampico stack supply, etc.
271 1/16Brown£17.75£5.42

Selecting Tube Size

All our Silicone Rubber Tubing is specially made for us. The sizes quoted are internal diameters (“i.d.”), and are those most commonly found in the Player Piano. To select the right size, either measure the internal diameter of the existing tubing in the middle of a piece and select the nearest size from the above, or measure the outside diameter of the fixed metal tubes and select the next size down from the above in order to get a secure fit. If you are still unsure, send us a sample of the existing tubing and we will recommend the best size. The  small “Tracker Bar” tubing is 3.4mm (1/8″), our catalogue number T1,  on the majority of Player Pianos, but some did use larger sizes – always check as above.

Rubber Cloth

Per MetrePer 305mm.(ft)
C1Thin (~0.185mm / 7.25 thou) For Stack pneumatics, smaller wind motors, etc. Approximately 152cm/60" wide. Cotton cloth, rubberised on one side. Suitable for use with hot glue. This new cloth is slightly less supple than previous types, but we believe that it will be more durable. It is also very air-tight. A free sample of this cloth will be sent on request.£60£18.50
C2General Purpose (~0.28mm) Black .
Not Available at present.

For larger Wind motors, Tracking pneumatics, etc. Approximately 152cm/60" wide. Cotton cloth, rubberised on one side. Suitable for use with hot glue.Not available at present.
C3Thin Double Texture (~0.33mm.) For Expression boxes, Wind motor regulators, Sustain pedal bellows, Tracking units, etc. Approximately 155cm/61" wide (Cloth both sides, rubber in centre). Suitable for use with hot glue. Very good quality cloth that we have been using for over 30 years.£75.00£22.90
C4Double Texture Heavy Duty (~1mm)For Exhausters, Reservoirs, Electric Pumps. Approximately 150cm/60" wide. Black on one side, colour on the other side (usually dark red, blue, or fawn), rubber in centre. Very good quality. Suitable for use with hot glue.£86.75£26.46


When ordering leather by the square foot, please indicate any mimumum dimensions. This is cut from complete skins, so square pieces are not always practical – often it is easier to supply an oblong strip (e.g. 6″ x 24″) instead of a 12″x12″ square.

 DescriptionPrice per square foot (305mm x 305mm)
L1Tan pouch leather, varying thickness 0.25 - 0.5 mm. Seal after fitting to ensure air-tightness. Various other uses. £15.00
L1BTan Pouch leather. Best quality pre-sealed pneumatic leather for pouch, Duo-Art "accordion", and other applications. 0.25-0.30mm thick.£26.50
L2Flap valves leather 1 - 1.2mm. (We will cut to your size)£22.50
L3For gaskets, etc.
Various thicknesses/colours.
L5Zephyr Skin - Singing bird boxes, etc. Available to special order, not usually kept in stock.35p / sq. in.
L7Pouches cut to size (ask for available sizes)50p each
L8Calf-skin, approx 1mm thick, for valve facings, can be punched out to pattern subject to us having the correct size punch.£22.50 per square foot.
For facings punched out to your pattern, please enquire for price.

Other Leathers available, please ask


We stock a selection of medium density felt which is useful for many applications. Depending on current stock we can supply pieces priced “per square foot”.

We can obtain special hard felts and thick baizes from piano trade suppliers on request (but they work out quite a bit more expensive than this felt).

ThicknessPrice per square foot (305mm x 305mm)
Subject to availability
Bushing Cloth: 1.2mm. Red.
Used for bushings on air-motors, valve stems etc, as well as piano actions and piano keys.

Please Note: We cannot exchange any materials which have been cut for you.

Spare parts and Booklets

NEW Rubber spacer washers for Aeolian air motor – set of six (two for the air-ways between the pneumatic blocks, and four spacers with holes). £5.00 + Postage.

NEW Duo-Art Instruction Booklet for the British Pedal/Electric model. A reproduction of the booklet originally supplied in 1924 by the Aeolian Company, London. It gives an explanation of the controls and includes diagrams of them. Original copies of this publication are very rare. £7.50 + Postage. Please note that this Booklet applies to the British Pedal/Electric instrument, and not to the Duo-Art made in the USA.

DA Booklet

NEW AMPICO Transmission Frame to replace the notorious ‘Pot Metal’ original that often is distorted, which leads to seizure of the drive shafts. In many cases, this has the effect of erratic roll tempo, and – more seriously – to rolls being damaged during re-roll due to the take-up spool binding. We offer a replacement service whereby you send us the complete original frame, and we transfer the gears and drive shafts to a brand new alloy frame. Please contact us for prices and availability.


Nuts for control shafts

Leather nuts, 8mm (5/16″) diameter, 17g hole. £3.25 per dozen,  £26.00 per 100                                                                      ”         ”  , 9.5mm (3/8″)       ”     ,  2mm hole. £3.50 per dozen,  £28.00 per 100

“V-Springs” – Steel, to return foot-treadles to the “up” position after being pressed down. New springs are not readily available which conform to the correct tension, we are currently trying to obtain some correct ones. We occasionally have second-hand springs available, so please enquire.

Ladder chain £2.50 per 305mm.(ft.)

Pearl Glue £4.00 per 250g,  £7.50 per 500g.

Piano Action Parts: Tie-tapes (Bridle tapes) Set of 88 minimum, £15.00

                                  Hammer Butt Springs, left or right coil, various lengths, set of 88 minimum, £12.00

                                  Damper Springs, set of 3 different strengths, £22.50

Graphite liquid, for use on piano action parts and for slide-valve surfaces on air-motor, 40ml bottle, £10.00